Sunday, October 31, 2010

NATIONAL STRATEGY: How We Win On Tuesday pt.1

Friends of ALIPAC,

We need to make sure that every immigration enforcement group, Tea Party group, endorsed campaign, and ground level activists receives this information as soon as possible.

President Obama has told Spanish speaking audiences across the hemisphere that he wants them to "punish our enemies" in this election. This means that the President of the United States and his illegal alien supporters are using 'fighting words' to describe the millions of us who oppose his radical agendas.

The nation is split between what we call the 'Obamas and the Nobamas' and the vast majority of you who oppose amnesty for illegal aliens are in the Nobama camp.

While the polling numbers for the Nobamas look good, there are two major problems arising across the nation from the numerous media reports being archived at ALIPAC.

America is about to see our first Chicago Style national election and that can't be good!

From the news reports it is clear that Democrats plan to cheat and have as many illegal aliens as possible vote in 2010! In short, they plan to use their political advantage in many areas, the White House, the Senate, the Congress, and many state boards of elections plan to alter this election.

Our only solution is that we must dominate on Election Day by such a huge margin that they lose despite their cheating and illegal alien voting block. We must take exceptional steps to vote out every 'enemy' of Obama we know.

We salute all of you out there who have donated time, voted already, and donated to campaigns. We know that many of you plan to work the polls on Election Day and this is important, but I have spoken to many of our volunteers and identified both a problem and a solution for us to prevail if we can get everyone in our movement on board.

While working a poll or phone bank at this point is important, we must assure that everyone on our side gets on the phones and prepares to physically take people to vote on Tuesday Nov 2, 2010. Most voters coming out on Election Day on their own have their minds made up so persuading someone at this point is unlikely.


I have been on the ground in elections that are similar to the one we face on Tuesday and I want my past experiences as a campaign manager and consultant and my prior experiences as an operative for the Democrats previously; to be a benefit to my fellow conservatives on Tuesday. Remember that I once drove vans transporting black voters and handled activists in my youth for the Democrats.

I know a lot about what you will face on Election Day from experience, so please take to heart my suggestions for you to win against those who plan to cheat you out of a country on Tuesday.

We want everyone to take the following steps.

1. Make a list of members of your family, neighbors, friends, or people you know on Facebook etc... that are NOBAMAS. By this time, you probably already have a good idea who is who due to the tensions in our nation. Make the list then pick up the phone. Work the phones early to convey the importance of voting and to insist that you transport as many others personally to the polls as possible.

2. Explain to the other person that they must vote on Tuesday because Obama plans to make millions of illegal aliens new voters and it appears many of them will already be voting on Election Day. Explain to the fellow Nobama that church vans and buses will be rolling through Hispanic neighborhoods in America promising amnesty to illegal aliens, if they will get in the transport and go to vote. In many minority neighborhoods, voters will be offered food, money, and sometimes drugs to come out and vote with their Democratic handlers. Every Nobama you know needs to understand what the other side will be doing, that this is the last time their vote may ever matter, and that they need to respond to your request to transport them.

3. Make arrangements for the Nobamas on your list to meet you at the poll, vote at the poll, while you work outside of it, or better yet... allow you to pick them up and take them to vote. While this may seem aggressive to many of you, this fight is going hand to hand politically on Election Day meaning you need to offer your hand to as many of our voters as possible, while you open a door to a vehicle and the precinct building on Election Day. On average, over half of the people that tell you they have or will vote on Election Day will not vote. They mean well, but things come up that prevent them from voting.

4. One thing you might want to explain to your Nobamas is that there are lots of problems across the nation with voting machines that keep switching to Democrat after people vote Republican. We also have a situation where Obama's team is deploying Black Panthers, Brown Berets, SEIU, and Hispanic Labor Unions, and other militant groups to the polls. It is best to travel to the polls in groups of two or more if possible and it is best if one of the people in the groups is you since you are working hard to stay abreast of these conditions.

5. Know the rules: If you do not have time to contact your local board of elections to receive specific rules for conduct at the polls on Election Day, you can request this information from the precinct captain. Sometimes they have them to hand out to voters. Our side must be hyper diligent about the rules. If not, remember these general rules.

5-A: No electioneering or elections materials, including T-shirts, signs, and pamphlets are allowed within a certain distance of the door to the precinct.

5-B: Do not touch anyone be they voter or opposition. If you encounter hostile opposition activists or groups of OBAMAS outside the polls your best friends will be are witnesses and video cameras. One finger placed on another person's arm can be enough to have you charged with assault and likewise for your opponents.

5-C: You can only accompany someone into the voting enclosure with specific permission from the person and if they are not physically able to do so safely. Some voting is allowed curbside if the person does not want to get out of the car for health reasons. While this can help you with friends and relatives who are sick, watch for the Democrats to vote for the people in the sitting in buses and vans. Democratic operatives are under orders to keep their eyes on the ball (voter) till it goes through the hoop. You should do the same within reason.

5-D: Do not offer anyone anything to vote other than a free ride with you to the polls.

6. As you take each person to the polls, speak with them about other NOBAMAS they know and try to expand your list of people to transport on Election Day. Some people will act a bit coy about going with you to vote, but you need to persist and explain how important it is to vote today for the reasons listed above and how it is best that they accompany you if possible.

7. You need to make it your goal to transport and watch as many NOBAMA voters as possible walk into the precinct with your own eyes. This is a tense time where we all need to keep our eyes on each other. There are people all around you who need your help on Election Day. Many have health issues, many have stress issues, many just have issues to deal with that could prevent them from voting due to distraction. Go and get every family member, friend, and neighbor you can by physically pulling up in their driveway and saying 'let's go now'. DONT STOP UNTIL THEY CLOSE THE POLL THAT NIGHT!


Each one of us has the power to vote on Tuesday and we each have the power to magnify our votes by simply taking others to vote with us or having them meet us there.

Since many of you are already donors and volunteers for campaigns, it would be senseless and a big strategic mistake not to aggressively vote in everyone who you know is on our side.

You can safely assume that about half of the people who tell you, with the best intentions, that they will certainly vote on Election Day WILL NOT MAKE IT OUT TO VOTE.

Call, schedule, show up, transport every like minded American you can to the polls on Election Day and don't stop till they lock the precinct doors in your face!

Please share this strategic information with as many others as possible before and on Election Day.

I will be doing exactly what I am asking each of you to do and if this advice spreads far enough, this is the way we win on Election Day.

William Gheen
President, Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
Chair, Tea Parties Against Amnesty
Post Office Box 30966, Raleigh, NC 27622-0966
Tel: (919) 787-6009 Toll Free: (866) 703-0864
FEC ID: C00405878


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Saturday, October 30, 2010

VIDEOS: ALIPAC Candidates Speak Out Against Illegal Immigration & Amnesty

Friends of ALIPAC,

Many thanks to all of you who attended or supported our October 29 ALIPAC event in Raleigh, NC.

Today we are releasing several of the videos taken at the event. Please watch, rate, and circulate these videos to help us salute and support all of the candidates across America who are running against illegal immigration and Amnesty in the 2010 elections!

We just received news that Senator Harry Reid and the Democrats plan to push the Dream Act Amnesty again right after the elections. We must win on Election Day and win big, in order to stop them!

We hope these speeches will inspire and motivate you to donate and support ALIPAC and our 205 endorsed federal campaigns, with special attention to our 18 targeted campaigns. Don't forget to watch for and support candidates running for positions of governor, state house, and state senate in your own state who might stand with us as well.

Please view, utilize, and circulate these videos...

Congressman Walter Jones Speaks Out Against Illegal Immigration At ALIPAC Event

Ilario Pantano Promises Voters He Will Secure Our Borders and Oppose Amnesty

B. J. Lawson Campaigning For Congress and Against Illegal Immigration & Amnesty

Ron Woodard of NC Listen Speaks at ALIPAC Event In Raleigh

NC Senator Neal Hunt Discusses Illegal Immigration and the Arizona Law

William Gheen of ALIPAC Discusses Obama's Enemies & Illegal Voters


Support our candidates at....

Support ALIPAC's efforts at...

Onward to Victory on Nov 2, 2010!


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Friday, October 29, 2010

Warning: We Are falling short of what we need...

Friends of ALIPAC,

We are doing the very best we can with what we have. We have an historic number of endorsed candidates and our endorsements have been viewed and covered in depth more than ever here at Alipac.

Unfortunately, we are about $5,000 short of what we need to sustain our online advertising campaign through Election Day and to be able to support all of our targeted campaigns in the races that are very close!

Many of you are coming to tonight's event in Raleigh, NC and we need you there with us. Here are the latest details going out to the NC Media...

Oct. 29 event
Congressional Candidates Unite Against Illegal Immigration

If you cannot come tonight, please make an immediate donation via our secure online donations page. We need to raise a minimum of $5,000 in the next 24 hours to do what needs to be done for victory against Amnesty and illegal immigration on Nov. 2.

If most of you reading this will please make a donation of whatever you can spare at this link we will be able to make this a success.

As of this afternoon, over half of our targeted candidates will not receive direct aid and our ad campaign will end tomorrow without immediate fervent support!

Yes, I want ALIPAC to be able to help all targeted campaigns and be able to run ads through Election Day to help all our endorsed candidates.


PS: We plan to activate our emergency backup system about this matter to make sure all supporters are reached!

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Americans for Legal Immigration PAC ALIPAC | PO Box 30966 | Raleigh | NC | 27622

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Democrats Fighting Words Backfire Causing Tail Spin

Friends of ALIPAC,

Time is short. We have 5 days left to save America.

Here is what you need to know....

Thank you Joy Behar!

Joy Behar's use of fighting words calling Sharon Angle a '*****' and promising some kind of violent reaction from her gang banging illegal alien homies in New York City has backfired. Angle sent Behar flowers and the message "Joy, raised $150,000 online yesterday. Thanks for your help. Sincerely, Sharron Angle" Women voters are abandoning the Democratic fold in droves in response to this affront to all women. Behar has handed the election to Angle and hurt Democratic candidates nationwide.

Obama declares Americans 'enemies'...

President Obama's message to amnesty supporting Hispanic voters advocating they need to "punish our enemies" has also backfired. While his fighting words have increased the chances of sporadic violence towards Americans and possible massive civil unrest, such as we see in other nations, Americans are choosing to rebuke his comments.

It is widely seen as inappropriate for the President of the United States to declare and classify the over 200 million Americans of every race and party who oppose his radical Comprehensive Immigration Reform Amnesty as 'enemies'. Black, Hispanic, Asian, and White voters who oppose Amnesty are switching their votes to Republican or sitting this election out in protest of Obama's antagonism towards Americans who oppose his political agenda.

These recent comments, along with Obama's comments that Republicans must 'ride in the back of the bus' have opened many eyes in the last few days causing Obama to cancel most of his public speaking plans around the country. Even Bill Clinton cannot generate audiences and the word is that Hillary has left the nation to distance herself from the Democratic collapse.

Apocalyptic Poll Numbers

In 1994, the conservative backlash in America shocked most Democrats. This time they see the wave coming but are powerless to stop it.

The recent polling data coming in suggests that the 2010 backlash may dwarf the historic events of 1994! The poll readings are incredible! Each day the news gets worse for the Democrats; the negative tactics of Obama and groups like the ADL, DCCC, the Independent Media sources controlled by George Soros, and the Huffington Post have backfired! Each desperate measure they deploy appears to only escalate the backlash and feed the flames!


Six simple steps to victory.

1. We need each of you to focus on your ballot and rally everyone you can to join you to strike back at the polls on Nov 2!

2. Keep an eye out for Black Panthers and wacky voting machines. Report any problems immediately to us and your local media and authorities. We are tracking these incidents in the interest of election integrity.

3. Get your support for ALIPAC's operations in the door as soon as possible via this link. We are very low on funds and have an immense demand for assistance from those candidates who stand with us.


4. Approach the federal campaigns endorsed by ALIPAC closest to you to offer your immediate help as a donor and or as a volunteer. Get those signs in your yard and get close to our candidates and help them any way you can via this link...

5. Locate the TARGETED campaigns on the Endorsements lists featured at this link and concentrate national support behind these campaigns....

6. If you are within a few hours drive of Raleigh, do all you can to join us Friday night and bring others. We have just received exciting news that Congressional candidate Ilario Pantano, who is in a very close race against Democratic incumbent Mike McIntyre (D-NC-7) will be speaking at our casual attire BBQ dinner this Friday night. We have four candidates for Congress coming, including Congressman Walter Jones. We need you there, don't let us down. More details at...

Let's keep our energy and momentum high as we march to victory! Our opposition is in retreat and it is time for us to launch a final charge!



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Obama's Illegal Alien Aunt: "The System Took Advantage of Me."

Federation for American Immigration Reform

Dear Friend of FAIR,

When I saw the news, I knew I had to write you immediately.

By now you've heard of President Obama's illegal alien aunt, Zeituni. Aunt Zeituni entered the US from Kenya in 2000. An immigration judge ordered her to leave in 2004. But she defied the court, ran off and later went on public assistance. She now enjoys taxpayer-provided housing and entitlement benefits.

Here's what Obama's Aunt Zeituni just told a Boston TV station during an interview:

"If I come as an immigrant, you have the obligation to make me a citizen."

And when the interviewer questioned her about coming here illegally and receiving taxpayer-funded benefits without paying into the system, she shot back:

"I did not take advantage of the system, the system took advantage of me."

Shockingly, the same judge who ordered Aunt Zeituni to leave the U.S. has now granted her asylum - even though she's given no credible reason to be granted asylum status.

And despite her utter contempt for our laws and our immigration system since coming to America.

So while millions of law-abiding American citizens have lost their jobs and their houses, Aunt Zeituni cashes her checks and then enjoys the ride at taxpayer expense.

It must be nice to have a special friend in the White House! (The President says he didn't intervene personally, and I, for one, believe him.)

But the sad fact is that Aunt Zeituni's flagrant abuse of the asylum system is just the tip of the iceberg.

As I write you this letter, Somalian foreign nationals are entering the U.S. through a complicated route across several countries -- and then they vanish without a trace.

You read that right.

According to news station KPBS in San Diego, the Somalis first head to Kenya, where they buy fake passports. Then they fly to Castro's Cuba and later Central America. From there, smugglers truck them into Mexico.

Once the Somalis arrive in Mexico, they allegedly surrender themselves to immigration officials. The officials provide them with expulsion documents based off their fake passports.

Then with those papers in hand, the Somalis fly to Tijuana, Mexico, walk across our border and demand political asylum from U.S. immigration agents.

After they spend a month or two in custody, they're granted asylum…and then just disappear.

Here are some crucial things for you to consider:

  • According to terrorism expert, Chris Harnisch, the average Somali earns less than $2 a day. But the trip from Somalia to the U.S. costs around $60,000.
  • Somalia is home to Al Shabaab, a terror group with close ties to Al Qaeda.
  • Al Shabaab actively recruits Somalis living in the U.S. to fight in its war for control of Somalia. Plus Al Shabaab is suspected of conducting two suicide bombings in Uganda that killed 64 people watching the World Cup this summer (NY Times, Aug. 5, 2010)
  • Al Shabaab has threatened to attack the United States.

These dangerous abuses of our refugee asylum system threaten American jobs and American lives.

The time to act is now.

FAIR is fighting hard with passion, facts and figures on asylum abuse through our research, media and government relations teams.

We're shining the spotlight on the Obama Administration's blatant disregard for the rule of law and the safety of American citizens.

We're working to find ways to stop asylum abuse through Congress.

We're frequently on national TV to debunk the lies of the open borders professionals.

We defend common sense immigration reform on talk radio shows from coast to coast. We write articles for newspapers and magazines that are seen all over the country. And we even debate in person at colleges and universities.

We here at FAIR do all this in order to shut down asylum abuse and insure that asylum is provided only for real refugees who are fleeing actual danger.

But the fact is we can't reach enough American taxpayers and lawmakers without your vital help today.

As you can see, American jobs and American lives are on the line.

So please help FAIR move forward aggressively to block asylum abuse by giving towards our critically important research, media outreach and government watchdog efforts right away.

Your contribution is crucial to our success. So please continue to stand with FAIR by making your vital contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more right away.

Your tax-deductible gift of a critical $25, $50, $100 or whatever you can afford to make now is absolutely vital if we're going to make the maximum impact.

Join the FAIR fight - let me hear from you today.


Dan Stein

Dan Stein, President

P.S. The clock is ticking. Be part of the solution to America's immigration crisis by making your vital contribution of at least a crucial $25 or $50 immediately. I'm counting on you. Thank you so much!


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bbb seal

You can support FAIR via tax-deductible contributions at our donation page or mail to FAIR at
25 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W., Suite 330, Washington DC 20001

Federation for American Immigration Reform
© Copyright 2010. All rights reserved.

Watch Dan Stein on Asylum Abuse and Obama's Aunt

Dan Stein Video

Watch this latest video from FAIR's President Dan Stein where he discusses the constant abuse of our asylum system, including the recent decision to give asylum to President Obama's aunt.

Support FAIR Through Workplace Giving:


Attention Federal government employees - Please support sound immigration policies by designating FAIR, # 11696 in the Combined Federal Campaign.

The challenges we face are greater than ever. As America approaches a defining moment in its immigration history, your pledge to FAIR in the 2010 Combined Federal Campaign is needed now more than ever.


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