Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Fake Poll Warnings: We are not alone

Friends of ALIPAC and members of the American media,

By now, many of you may have heard that both Fox News and CNN conducted polls in the last thirty days with some surprising results. According to the Fox News poll done via the firm Opinion Dynamics on August 10-11, 2010; a whopping 68% percent of Americans favor "giving illegal immigrants who pay taxes and obey the law a second chance by allowing them to live in the United States"!

Looks like FOX NEWS was following the lead of CNN when they released a poll run by the Opinion Research Corporation on July 16-21, 2010 claiming that 81% percent of Americans favor "creating a program that would allow illegal immigrants already living in the United States for a number of years to stay and apply for US citizenship provided they are employed and payback taxes."

Isn't that amazing everyone? An astounding 68%-81% percent of Americans want illegal aliens to stay and become voters?

Not only are we scoffing at this flagrant abuse of the truth that should be prosecutable as mass fraud, but so are the candidates for public office that have run their own polls in their districts.

These fake polls are the best money can buy and they are designed to confuse you, the candidates, and Congress.

The Open Borders Lobby and Amnesty supporters are using these two bogus polls to encourage illegal aliens to stay in America at a time when many are fleeing. They are also using these polls to lobby Congress and candidates but we have a plan to put a stop to this fraud.

Yet, we cannot underestimate the power of these bogus lies.

Thus, ALIPAC is beginning steps today to destroy these lies in full public view.

The fake polls contradict a poll run by Fox using the very same polling firm Opinion Dynamics run on May 18-19, 2010 that found in question #33 that 61% of Americans believe we need to enforce our existing immigration laws vs. 34% that believe we need to overhaul our laws.


FOX News and Opinion Dynamics might want to give more time between polls before publicizing such direct and contradictory results. We are not sure what kind of nation shattering changes may have occurred that would shift public opinion so dramatically in favor of Amnesty in just two months.

Perhaps the answer is in the announcement between these two polls that Fox News owner and Newscorp CEO Rupert Murdoch now supports Comprehensive Amnesty for illegal aliens?

Fox News Owner Rupert Murdoch Pushes for Amnesty for Illegal Aliens

Might this dramatic change possibly explain why FOX NEWS has joined CNN in the mass fraud poll game?

Not only does FOX NEWS polling contradict, but so does a new Zogby International poll out today showing 70% percent of Americans support DEPORTATION for illegal aliens!

In fact, our current collection of polls and surveys on the matter at ALIPAC, which is the top collection of polls on this subject in the nation, has been updated today and now includes more than 50 polls that contradict the claims by FOX and CNN that 68-81% percent of Americans want the illegals to stay!

Take a look and study these results carefully so you will know how Americans really feel about illegal immigration. You must understand clearly that you speak for the majority of Americans and that some of these other polls are lying by trying to cast your view as the minority view.

ALIPAC's Collection of Scientific Polls and Surveys
(Link Found on ALIPAC.us Homepage Top Center)

If we were to believe the false claims by FOX and CNN of mass support for Amnesty for illegal aliens that would allow illegals to become voters thus destroying any hopes of future border security or immigration enforcement in America, however, there are some major problems with this logic.

Let's assume for argument's sake that American citizens are really that dumb.

This would mean that 70% percent of Americans support deportation (August 20-23, 2010 ZOGBY International Poll), but not for the illegal aliens currently in the US who can pay taxes, a fine and stay. This would mean that 69% of Texans and over 60% of all Americans want an Arizona style law in their state (Rasmussen Reports, July 2010), but not for the illegal aliens already here to be affected by it. It would mean that 70% of Americans favor sanctions on employers that hire illegals (Rasmussen Reports, June 2010), but not for the ones currently hiring illegals which can pay a fine, taxes, and become legal.

It would mean that while 80% percent of U.S. voters oppose proposals for government-backed health-care plans for illegal immigrants (Rasmussen Reports poll, June, 2009), 77% of American adults are opposed to making drivers licenses available to people who are in the country illegally (November 2007, Rasmussen Reports), and 81% oppose in-state tuition for illegals (Civitas Poll, NC, 2005), that 68-81% of Americans favor allowing illegals to stay, have healthcare benefits, licenses, and in-state tuition.

These wild conflicting numbers just DO NOT ADD UP!

ALIPAC is so confident that we are right and these new claims by FOX and CNN are wrong, that we are going to recreate the polls they ran. If for any reason ALIPAC's new polls should show that 70-80% of Americans want the illegals to stay, we will give full and public consideration to disbanding ALIPAC.

We will make that wager here and now because we know we are right.

For now, we are updating our collection of scientific polls and we will be sending accurate polling information to every federal candidate in America.

We want every ALIPAC supporter to know the truth and be confident as activists in that truth.

We will make an announcement soon about how we intend to reproduce the CNN and Fox News polls and put the raw data results on public display online and circulate them to the nation via national press release.

It is time for these fraudsters who are using their mega wealth and influence to conduct this mass fraud upon the American public to know that the the truth has more power than lies and that we are well equipped and prepared to get the truth to the American public.

The current federal laws, and requirements of the US Constitution, combined with more than 60% percent of Americans want the illegal aliens to go home. They are already going home in large numbers, and that is how it is going to be in America.

William Gheen and The ALIPAC Team


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Monday, August 30, 2010

FAIR Releases 2010 Voting Report

Legislative Update

FOR THE WEEK OF August 30, 2010 

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Homeland Security Begins Dismissing Certain Deportation Cases

The Houston Chronicle revealed this week that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is beginning to dismiss cases against certain aliens in deportation proceedings. According to The Chronicle, DHS is systematically reviewing thousands of pending immigration cases and moving to dismiss those filed against suspected illegal immigrants who have no serious criminal records. The local Houston office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is reviewing 2,500 cases and other ICE offices around the country are expected to follow suit. 

Read the full article

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Immigration Plays Pivotal Role in Arizona Senate Primary

Capturing 56 percent of the votes, Sen. John McCain claimed victory in Arizona’s Republican primary Tuesday.  McCain, the well-known senior senator from Arizona and the Republican Party’s 2008 presidential candidate, defeated his major primary challenger, former Congressman J.D. Hayworth, in large part due to his recent shift away from his familiar pro-amnesty stance in support of an enforcement-first approach. McCain stopped promoting amnesty and instead touted his support for securing the border including building a fence he once opposed.  In fact, one of McCain’s most talked about campaign ads depicted McCain speaking to an Arizona sheriff about the necessity of completing “the danged fence.” 

Read the full article

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FAIR Releases 2010 Voting Report

Today FAIR is releasing our 2010 Voting Report to give our members insight into how their lawmakers have tackled the complex and thorny issue of immigration. FAIR’s Government Relations team assembles this report every two years, as each Congress comes to a close, by sifting through numerous immigration votes and determining which ones were most important with respect to promoting good immigration policy.

Read the full article

New Video: Dan Stein on Fox News


FAIR President Dan Stein discussed the new guidelines by the Obama administration for illegal immigrants on Fox News August 29, 2010.

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New Research from FAIR

The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immmigration on United States Taxpayers
July 2010

Summary of the Reid-Schumer-Menendez Amnesty Proposal
April 2010



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Take Action to Stop King Obama's Executive Order Amnesty

Friends of ALIPAC,

By now, most of you that are reading our homepage on a regular basis know that President Obama has ordered Amnesty for illegal aliens without a debate or vote from Congress.

This is the action of a king or despot, not a president and since Obama is not a king, we know what that makes him.

He has ordered the Border Patrol to back away from the border in some areas and in other areas they are either not stopping illegals or catching them and releasing them. Fines against employers are a trickle and slaps on the wrist while all raids have been halted.

Now, tens of thousands of illegal aliens are having their cases dismissed before their deportation hearings.

This is why ALIPAC has shaped our 2010 candidate survey to look for congressional candidates that are going to stand up to Obama and use the full power of the Congress if necessary to stop his Amnesty and save American jobs, wages, security, rights, and lives from illegal immigration.

Feds moving to dismiss some deportation cases

Today ALIPAC is putting out a national press release to endorse Texas Republican Congressmen Ted Poe and John Carter for their strong stances on these issues.

We want to give special thanks to Congressman John Carter for this press release calling on members of Congress to stop Obama's illegal and unconstitutional Amnesty.

Congress Must Halt Unconstitutional Amnesty for Illegal Aliens


Pleased call Congressman Carter's offices and thank him for calling on Congress to unify against Obama's "royal amnesty decree." Sample message "I'm calling/writing to thank Congressman Carter for calling on Congress to unify and stop Obama's unlawful and unconstitutional Amnesty decree. I am contacting my members of Congress to ask them to follow Representative Carter's lead on this matter."

Washington, D.C. Office (202) 225-3864
Round Rock District Office (512) 246-1600
Bell County Office (254) 933-1392
Or http://carter.house.gov/

Please read, understand, and help circulate ALIPAC's important press release today. The message in this release is designed to help influence the actions of Congress and the national debate. Use these messages carefully and wisely. Send copies to your members of Congress and favorite media personalities.

ALIPAC Endorses Congressmen Ted Poe and John Carter of Texas

STEP 3:Contact both of your US Senators for your state and your member of Congress by phone. Craft your own polite yet firm distinct message. Remember that creating your own message and calling it in and following it up in writing is the most effective way to influence a member of Congress short of face to face meetings.

Sample Message: "I am calling/writing to ask Senator/Congressman/Congresswoman _______ to follow Texas Congressman John Carter's call for Congress to unify to stop the unlawful and unconstitutional Amnesty for illegal aliens that is being ordered by President Obama. Obama is making a mockery of our Congress and how are We The People to have a say in our nation if the president is allowed to defy the Constitution and federal law? Please work with Congressman Carter to stop Obama from abusing his power and granting Amnesty for illegal aliens without public or Congressional approval."

Here is the contact info you need for your calls and then follow-up messages sent by website page, fax, or letter.

ALIPAC's Congressional Contact Info

This is our moment to shine ALIPAC! Obama has really overstepped is bounds and it is time for us to rally Congress and the public against his despotism.


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Friday, August 27, 2010

FAIR Enews Update - August 27, 2010



capitol connection

Leaked Agency Memo Reveals Intent to Grant Amnesty by Regulation
Read the story

ICE Union Takes Unanimous Vote of No Confidence in Leadership
Read the story


weekly poll

Legislative Priorities
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  • ICE reduces deportations of illegal aliens Read Article
  • More on Fed cutbacks in deportations Read Article
  • Arrests of illegals drop since 2008 Read Article
  • Bullets from cartel firefights striking in El Paso Read Article
  • McCain: Mexican drug cartel violence will spill over into Arizona Read Article
  • Drug cartels suspected in murder of 72 immigrants Read Article
  • Conservative groups warn of Obama amnesty end run around Congress Read Article
fair interactive
FAIR President Dan Stein will appears on Fox News this Sunday at about 11:30 AM Eastern to discuss immigration.

Ira Mehlman Townhall.com Oped:: Religious Leaders Make a Flawed Case for Mass Immigration. Read the full op-ed.

Field representative Joyce Mucci was invited to speak this week to the Henderson County Federated Republican Women's meeting in Hendersonville, NC. Mucci also spoke on Wednesday, August 25th to the Henderson County Republican Men's Club in Hendersonville. The topic for both meetings was the new FAIR's cost study, "The Fiscal Burden of Illegal Immigration on United States Taxpayers." Additionally, Mucci spoke about the cost of illegal immigration to the state of North Carolina. The Republican Men's meeting in Hendersonville was attended by 100 concerned citizens. The event was covered by the local newspaper.

flickr logo

Join FAIR's flickr group and share your photos from events around the country. Many people have joined in supporting Arizona and SB 1070 over the last few months - here's a chance to show immigration reform activists around the country in action. Go to FAIR's flickr page to share your photos from this summer or other events.

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Send us your Questions or Comments About Immigration

Send them to us. Here's my feedback.

Reader Feedback from Last Poll: Is there a shortage of workers?

94% said no, 6% said yes.

"There are many persons in the area of WV where we live that are unemployed and seriously searching for a job . . . Many businesses have closed or downsized in our county and most of the surrounding ones. There are many highly qualified people here who would love to work!"

"There is barely enough jobs for highly skilled Americans. They just want them to get visas and come here because they are cheap labor."

"I am for stopping illegal and limiting legal immigration. But American education system is messed up. I am a professor myself, from India - an immigrant. And I say this without a bias: American students lack seriousness and dedication when comes to education."

"With Maryland being a sanctuary state it is tough finding a job especially in construction! Hopefully O'Malley will loose his position as Governor and we can start eliminating some of the illegal competition! "

"Buffalo area and Niagara Falls, NY were huge industrial centers. The draw used to be cheap power but that was taken away and replaced with high taxes. Now if you can find a job it will be low pay service oriented and certainly nothing to raise a family on or build a career on. Plenty of farm and construction jobs if you don't mind competing with the illegals."

"Unemployment estimated at 20% for native high-tech workers. . . What businesses really mean: "There is a shortage of experienced and available US engineering talent willing to work for entry-level salaries." "


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