Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Trumps Doubles Down on Immigration Enforcement in Key Speech

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Legislative Update

Trumps Doubles Down on Immigration Enforcement in Key Speech

refugee Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump used a prime time speech last week to attempt to clarify his position on immigration.

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Obama Administration Quadruples Syrian Refugees in Fiscal Year 2016

hanen Last Monday, the Obama administration admitted its 10,000th Syrian refugee into the United States, meeting its self-imposed quota for Fiscal Year 2016 one month early.

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Nine Latin American Countries Urge the U.S. to End Special Immigration Policies for Cubans

refugee In a letter sent to Secretary of State John Kerry last week, a group of Latin American foreign ministers urged the United States to review its preferential immigration policies that encourage Cuban nationals to illegally migrate to the U.S.

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California Legislature Passes Bill to Let Illegal Aliens Decide on Enforcement

refugee The California Legislature passed a measure this week to heighten its status as a sanctuary state. Assembly Bill 2792 (AB 2792) would place the fox in charge of the henhouse, so to speak.

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