Tuesday, September 13, 2016

More Qualified Americans Lose Their Jobs Through H-1B Outsourcing

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Legislative Update

More Qualified Americans Lose Their Jobs Through H-1B Outsourcing

refugee Last week, the University of California and Caterpillar both announced plans to lay off American IT workers and replace them with cheaper foreign labor.

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DOJ Urges SCOTUS to Uphold Mandatory Detention in Key Enforcement Case

hanen The Department of Justice (DOJ) recently submitted its brief to the Supreme Court in Jennings v. Rodriguez, one of the most noteworthy cases that will be argued during the October term, urging the Court to reverse the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.

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Fifteen Years After 9/11, Key Security Measures Still Not In Place

refugee The Obama administration has consistently undermined the REAL ID Act by repeatedly issuing "temporary deferment" to all states that have not yet met its requirements.

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Phoenix Council Creates ID Cards for Illegal Aliens

refugee At the end of August, leaders in the Phoenix city council voted 5-4 to create a photo-identification card program for the city's illegal alien residents.

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