Wednesday, May 25, 2016

[Tea Flash] [Tea Flash] The criminal alien epidemic

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Dear FAIR Supporter,

How much longer will we stand by while criminal aliens roam our streets and wreak havoc on our neighborhoods? According to ICE, 19,723 criminal aliens were release back onto the streets during FY2015. This is unacceptable.

Have an impact. Help FAIR battle those that seek the release of more and more criminal aliens.

The criminal alien problem is growing and we must combat it before it gets out of control. Today, about 55,000 criminal aliens account for more than one-fourth of prisoners in Federal Bureau of Prisons facilities, and there are about 297,000 criminal aliens incarcerated in state and local prisons.

This is costing you, the taxpayer.

The estimated cost of incarcerating these criminal aliens at the federal level is estimated at $1.5 to $1.6 billion per year. This does not include the costs of incarceration at the state and local level, nor does it include the related local costs of policing and the judicial system related to law enforcement against criminal aliens.

Criminal Aliens are draining our scarce criminal justice resources.

FAIR continues to battle destructive efforts by those that oppose enforcement of our immigration laws and threaten our national security. But to continue our work we need your support.

This is a critical year. American's are coming out of the shadows and speaking out as never before. Consider making a contribution today to have an impact and fight to uphold our immigration laws.


Dan Stein, President

FAIR is a non-partisan, non-discriminatory non-profit organization dedicated to securing our borders, ending illegal immigration and promoting immigration levels consistent with the national interest. FAIR relies solely on the tax-deductible contributions of citizens and philanthropic foundations.

Posted By Breaking News to Tea Flash at 5/25/2016 10:30:00 AM

Posted By Breaking News to Tea Flash at 5/25/2016 10:30:00 AM

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