Thursday, January 15, 2015

[Tea Flash] [Tea Flash] Victory is in sight, but Senate wobbly

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Dear FAIR Supporter,

The House finally reasserted its legislative authority in immigration matters. They voted to defund Obama's illegal executive amnesty!

This is a monumental first step towards reversing executive amnesty and the president's dangerous power grab. But we're not there yet. Senate Democratic leadership is threatening to hold up the bill when it comes to the Senate. We have come too far to let a small contingent of amnesty-mongers derail our progress. Allies need our backbone.

Yesterday's success in the House didn't happen overnight. Our allies and members de-funded amnesty in the House because of the broad support of Americans like you refusing to accept an unconstitutional executive amnesty.

FAIR is ringing the alarms, working all strategies to garner the mass support this bill will need to pass the Senate with bi-partisan support. Your donation enables FAIR to reach and educate wider audiences of Americans, who in turn join the ranks of advocates like you.

It is up to Americans to demand the Senate DEFUND AMNESTY. It is up to FAIR to arm them with the tools and information they need. Can I count on your support to help us expand our reach before it's too late?


Dan Stein, President

FAIR is a non-partisan, non-discriminatory non-profit organization dedicated to securing our borders, ending illegal immigration and promoting immigration levels consistent with the national interest. FAIR relies solely on the tax-deductible contributions of citizens and philanthropic foundations.

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