Friday, October 24, 2014

[Tea Flash] [Tea Flash] [Tea Flash] Who Supports and Who Opposes the Obama Immigration Agenda?

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1. The Truth About Who Actually Supports and Opposes Obama's Handling of Immigration
New data from a Paragon Insights poll indicated that popular perceptions about who supports and opposes amnesty are incorrect. Read more


2. Temporary? Protected Status
DHS announced on October 16 that Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Hondurans and Nicaraguans was extended until July 5, 2016. Read more


3. Obama Orders Millions of Amnesty Cards. But Why Stop There?
The contract specifies the vender must make 4 million cards a year, with a special "surge scenario" of 9 million. Read more


4. Resources Are Not Infinite
One of the main reasons for having an immigration system that limits immigration and a legal system that enforces those limits is that the resources of the United States are not limitless. Read more


5. You May Be Surprised to See What an Analysis of Congress' Immigration Votes Revealed
A thorough analysis of the report revealed an unprecedented divide in opinion between parties. Read more

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