Thursday, October 23, 2014

[Tea Flash] [Tea Flash] [Tea Flash] [Tea Flash] Covert preparation for mass amnesty exposed

secret DHS docs leaked
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Dear FAIR Supporter,

Shocking new evidence is in that President Obama is not only intending to go through with his executive amnesty, but that it's larger than anyone expected -- even bigger than the Senate amnesty bill... Your contribution will help us shut this executive amnesty down.

The Obama administration is soliciting contract bids to produce millions of Permanent Residency Cards and Employment Authorization Documentation cards "to support future immigration reform initiative requirements," according to the recently submitted official request. The administration is preparing to issue a minimum of 4 million ID and work authorization cards a year, with a special "surge scenario" requiring 9 million cards in 2016.

This is no longer a limited executive action, but an obscene power-grab that dwarfs the 1986 amnesty that was lawfully passed by Congress.

Against almost insurmountable odds, FAIR and our supporters banded together to defeat the 2013 & 2014 mass amnesty push in Congress. Now is not the time to let up. We have already worked with our friends in the House to pass a bill that would defund an executive amnesty, but we need to see it expanded and pass the Senate. I need to know I can count on your support to take on our biggest obstacle yet. Find out more about how your contribution will help FAIR shut down this executive amnesty.


Dan Stein, President

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FAIR is a non-partisan, non-discriminatory non-profit organization dedicated to securing our borders, ending illegal immigration and promoting immigration levels consistent with the national interest. FAIR relies solely on the tax-deductible contributions of citizens and philanthropic foundations.

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